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It's good to remember that we have conflict only with people who matter to us.

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1. Think Positive
2. Don't push yourself
3. Who cares about the future, think now.
4. Smile.
5. You're not God
6. Life is short, enjoy it.
7. The world is not against you, you just think it is.
8. Expect the unexpected
9. Take it one step at a time.
10. Relax, Stress kills.

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Taisa タイサ [userpic]

Ok, this was the second runthrough of the demo when I recorded this. Was able to find all the treasure chest this time and spent most of it trying out Hubert, Malik and Richard. Obvious who I decided to stick with lol

GameplayCollapse )

It's so pretty~ *_*

Taisa タイサ [userpic]

This never cease to be hilarious.

Taisa タイサ [userpic]

first impressions

Taisa タイサ [userpic]

Did you know most of this is outdated now? Scary yo.

Also, Google suggests weird things when you type things in.

Bizarre things Google thinks you're searching forCollapse )

Taisa タイサ [userpic]

So there was a small photoshoot planned this past sunday. ER, only three people were in cosplay XD there was a 4th but he got out of his costume by the time I got there, so we had ourselves a small shoot. Almost lost my darn remote for the camera.

Small previewCollapse )

Florida heat is horrible, but having this small shoot helped me focus a lot more on various aspects and really take more personal shots.

Taisa タイサ [userpic]

Wow, uh. I thought I had made this account in August, but it was actually last June that I made this. Which means it's been a year and I'm going to be doing a:


If you've been cut, it's because we don't talk much, I don't remember who you are, and/or we don't talk about anything in common anymore. So it's nothing against anyone I have cut.

If you been cut, feel free to leave a comment if you feel like you shouldn't have been cut. Comments will be screened. If you want to defriend me, you can take this time to do that too. No questions asked. Things happen, people move on, it's okay.

Taisa タイサ [userpic]

Part OneCollapse )

Part one starts around 4mins

Debate continues. Concerning how fansubs turn off people from series and other reasons why people watch fansubs. LIBRARIES.

Taisa タイサ [userpic]

Idk if this is news discussed before or just VAs saying all this because they need the money, but Troy and Brittney went on a very long discussion about fansubs destroying the anime industry when I went to see them at Florida Supercon. Not just outside of Japan, but within it too.

The discussion starts at 4minutes and through the rest of the video. Just thought it was an interesting topic. And it all started because we were talking about Fullmetal Alchemist.

I did not even know ADV Films was gone. ;-;

I don't have the next part up yet. Takes hours to get them up, but it should be there tomorrow.

Taisa タイサ [userpic]

This Meme reminds me of that other meme call "Ask my Puppet" XD

Feel free to ask Alexei anything. It be good practice and I can see what I know and what I need work with. (Which I worry is a lot sometimes, orz)

...I-I promise this is the last spam for today. |D;;;

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Taisa タイサ [userpic]

JULY 1st

All series that apply to Namco, Bandai, and Namco Bandai, will be allowed to post at nam_cobanda .
Here is a listing for all that apply to this event.

And no, we currently don't have an end date for this event. Just going to let it go for a while and see what happens.

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